Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Demetri’s BBQ Homewood, AL

I woke up a little earlier than I should have for our 11:30 lunch meeting with Robin. I knew getting ready today would be especially important; this was the start of a new life as a television star. I could see the paparazzi stalking me already wondering what famous actress I was dating now.  I knew this BBQ trip would afford me with many opportunities but ABC 33/40 coming to our location and interview us? I never thought this would happen in my wildest dreams.  With the camera in my face I shined, my interview might win the reporter a Peabody to be quite honest.  I could feel the other patrons in the restaurant staring at me, which made me a little uncomfortable but I told myself this comes with the territory of being a TV.  Then the waitress asked me what I would be eating, suddenly reality sunk back in. I timidly answered and ordered the chopped pork plate with baked beans and potato salad for the trimmings.  Sam Nakos, the owner and who’s father Demitri created the famous sauce, welcomed us with complementary wings and onion rings.  The wings were delicious, the charred outside was followed by tender, juicy pink meat that met my lips with much pleasure and gratification.  Many wings have over powering spice that burns a hole in your body, Sam’s only had a dry rub that makes them original and simply scrumptious.  We came to find out that these wings take an hour and half to cook in the BBQ pit. His wings cost as much as those “morons” who only throw them in the frying grease for two minutes.  Observing the busy restaurant atmosphere many types of people were enjoying Demitri’s BBQ.  Young lawyers taking a break from writing briefs and old construction workers resting their worn hands from labor, enjoying the original red sauce common in most Birmingham BBQ joints.  Sam was generous with his time returning to our table and allowing us to venture into his world of BBQ. He has worked in the restaurant since he was 8 years old, he works for as he says “the people and the recipes.”  He offered to take the group on a tour of the kitchen.   Seeing how a true BBQ joint is operated and runs was something truly something to behold!